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2005 USMS Short Course Yards Nationals

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by Mel Dyck
Colorado Masters Swimming made its rude arrival at the 2005 USMS Short Course Yards Nationals and swam away with first place for the women's and combined teams and second place for the men's team. So much for home field advantage for host Gold Coast Masters!

There were approximately 1600 swimmers at this meet, a relatively small SCY Nationals, and Colorado Masters fielded the second largest team (87) next to Gold Coast (107). But, we came packing our big guns. There were 45 new individual records set at the meet and CMS claimed 15 of these. Eight new relay records were set with CMS getting 4.

A number of notable swims were turned in. Rich Abrahams got 6 new individual records and 2 relay records, Paul Smith claimed 4 individual and 4 relay records, Susan Von der Lippe and Michael Mann each swam to two new individual records, and Kirk Anderson got 1 individual record.

Other swimmers snagging relay records were Karen Rosener, Cathy Drozda, Stuart Waterbury and James Lilley with two records each. Richard Hess and Craig Petersen each got 1 relay record at the meet.

It was interesting, and somewhat embarrassing toward the end, to hear announcer Mark Gill constantly calling out Colorado Masters Swimming for the individual events as our swimmers routinely finished in the top three in their heats. I don't have the figures on hand but we came away with a huge number of firsts, seconds and thirds.

In the 200 freestyle, Gill was heard to say "On the odd course we have the fast heat of the men's 200 free in the water. And there goes 19 year old Rich Abrahams out to an early lead." I have it on good authority from members of the USMS Championship Committee that there may be a new rule instituted, called the 'Abrahams Exception' where swimmers will be required to bring proof that they really are as old as they say they are.

Congratulations to everyone who went.