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Remembering Kevin Nash


Remembering Kevin Nash


By Al Ramirez—Bee Gee Swimming

On April 22nd, 2007, Colorado Swimming lost one of its most dynamic and fun loving swimmers. Kevin Benjamin Nash died from complications of colonoscopy surgery.

COMSA was first introduced to Kevin in September 2003 as he joined the Broomfield Breakers and quickly became our coach and the force behind the name “Bee Gees”. He had a tremendous impact on the Colorado swimming community as an active COMSA member and advocate for youth swimming, serving as a counsel to his daughters
swim team. As a master swimmer, Kevin was a SCY State Championship high point winner, member of the Colorado National Championship Team in 2005 and was a USMS top ten swimmer in SCY, SCM, and LCM from 2004-07. Kevin was on the board of COMSA and was quoted in the May/June 2007 issue of USMS Swimmer magazine.

His love of swimming started as a young child growing up in Long Island and California. He was a High School All-America and went on to swim at the University of California, Berkeley and was a NCAA and US National Champion.

Kevin was also a very successful businessman and attorney. After graduating from Golden Gate University School of Law, he became a patent counsel, Director of Legal Affairs, Vice President and General Counsel at several bio-tech companies, before starting his own business, Nash Business Partners, LLC. One fellow Bee Gees swimmer said it best, “I probably spent less than 20 hours of my life with Kevin, yet he had a great effect on me and my family. I believe that Kevin had
more fun and joy in his short 43 years than most of us will ever have. What a shame that this world is without him but I know heaven will be much more fun place with him there.”

The following comments are from COMSA and other masters swimmers who knew Kevin.

Things like dynamic, prominent, magnetic personality, witty, and jolly come to mind.

Just last week so vibrant with a good outcome in the offing. We had lots of fu putting together the BeeGees thing and were looking forward t sharing i i just getting better. I have a feeling the BeeGees will live on...

Richard Hess, Co-Founder of the BeeGee’s

He was such a great guy. He did not die with any regrets - he lived life to the fullest and took advantage of every opportunity he could. He did not leave anything untouched or untried. He lived with the attitude of "whoever has the most fun, wins", and he usually "won". He always looked toward a bright, but smart and realistic future. So many people dwell on things in hopes they'll work themselves out - put things off until tomorrow - and ultimately they never happen. Not Kevin - and really, I admire him for that.

Heather Hagadorn (COMSA Chair)
and Kim Crouch (COMSA Webmaster).

Although I only met Kevin a couple times; the words that come to mind are vibrant, joyful, energetic, and full of life. It is with a very very saddened and heavy heart that I would like to extend my most sincere sympathy to all. It just seems so surreal.

My thoughts and prayers are with all.

Todd Lowe - Member Greeley Guppies and Bee Gee

Always did the "right" thing. Great colleague

Karen Frame, Esq.

I was a roommate of Kevin’s and was in his wedding party We unfortunately lost touch a few years back, so I knew it wasn't good when I had his mom calling me.

One of the things I remember most is you never went home hungry or thirsty from a Kevin party.

I remember how giddy he was when he met Marci He was like a little boy who just learned to ride a bike She had short spiky hair, in fact, they were like twins.

Mike Tolman

Kevin was a man of great confidence, dreams, kindness and loved to share himself with others.

Jeff Magourick, BeeGees

What a privilege it was to be on BeeGe with Kevin and to swim in two relays with him. I probably spen less tha 20 hours of my life with Kevin, yet he had a great effect on me and on my family. I believe that Kevin had more fu and joy in his short 43 years than most of us will ever have. What a shame that this world is without him but I know heaven will be a much more fun place with him there. My heart breaks for his family and my prayers are with you.

Brenda Craft (BeeGees!)

Being somewhat new to Colorado swimming, I only have gotten to know Kevin over the past year One of my best impressions of Kevin was when we were at Worlds I was carrying swim bags, chairs, luggage and everything else across that monster walk from the parking lot to the swimming pool I took a few steps and somebody took the backpack from my shoulders and grabbed my chair Without asking, he graciously carried my load all the way to the pool, talking the entire time!! Since that time, I've watched Kevin make a difference in so many people's life!! He's the ultimate Uniter!! He is the first to bring people together to celebrate or socialize!! He's the ultimate Recruiter From talking people into swimming who swore they would never wear a speedo again to convincing them to wear a bright yellow tightskin with polka dots!! His smile and deep chuckle is always contagious and helps keep things in perspective!! I describe Kevin to my friend as be ing the face of Colorado Masters Swimming. These swim meets are almost like family reunions an Kevin will always be at th core of the masters swimming family!! I'm thankful I got to know him! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family!

Sheri Hart, DU swimmer

Kevin was a natural motivator, natural coach and a model friend.
Mel Lehman (Broomfield Breakers swim team)

He was a great guy.I remembe hi a bein ver fu t b aroun eve i yo didn't know him  Th typ o perso yo instantl like.

Mark Gill, USMS Vice President

He was such a presence. It was rarely dull when he was around. He seemed to give a boost to everyone around him and I think the Greeley team was emboldened by their association with him and Broomfield. I feel for his daughters and wife. I'll bet it's too quiet around their home.

Pete Schwenker, COMSA Official

We all [Aurora Swim Team] just met Kevin during the State Meet. After the meet on Sunday our team was in the parking lot having our own little tailgating party when Kevin came over and introduced himself and invited us over to the Bee Gees party.

Mark Allison, Aurora Swimmer

Intelligent, involved, never give up, a volunteer, treated young and old a equals

He had numerous characteristics and qualities that will be missed because few people have them.

Judy Wilcox

I met Kevin about three years ago at a Masters Meet. He grabbed me after the 100 breaststroke and began telling me about this small team up in Broomfield that had a few swimmers working out occasionally who never went to meets. He was certain that if he could get a few people attending meets regularly that it would encourage other people to try meets. I'm not sure at what point in that conversation I became a Broomfield Breaker, but since Kevin was sure that I would make a great addition to the team, I found myself a Breaker. That I lived 50 miles away from Broomfield and was a complete stranger was no obstacle to Kevin.

He had a way of making things fun by assuming that they had to be fun. When he was in a room, he completely filled that room, somehow without pushing you out. He was larger than life in every way. You couldn't know Kevin within having your life touched by him in some way. I will miss him, I will miss him, I will miss him. The world is a lesser place without him.

Will Amos, BeeGee and COMSA Records

The World is a Better Place because of Kevin.


He was a great teammate and positive individual. I loved seeing him at meets and swimming on relays with him. He was a perfect example of what makes master’s swimming great. I’ll miss him.

Susan von der Lippe, BeeGee

Kevin improved your day

Bill Abbot, CMS Swimmer

I keep thinking about how lively he was the last time I saw him The visual of him standing so tall in Loveland and talkin so confidently about his surgery is clear as day to me. But I guess that is a better way to remember things. Kevin liked wine Have a quiet meal sometime and open a special bottle and toast to Kevin's memory.

Jeff Roddin, Ancient Mariners Swimmer (Maryland)

I was thinking about him all day, and looking at the few photos I have of him. He was smiling in all of them. That is the way to remember him.

Greg Mitchell (friend he grew up with and shared a carpooll)

I just spoke to him last week...we talked about a business venture we were going to explore together...talked about the high success rate of the low anterior resection to remove the tumor...he was not worried about the surgery but more about the recovery....I can't believe he's gone...I'm speechless...

David Fuller, DU swimmer (living in Europe)

He is such a giver. If he weren't our big, goofy, supportive, sweet Kevin, it wouldn't hurt so badly But to be missed by so many for such great reasons, makes you think He couldn't have many regrets in terms of living his life to the fullest and reaching out to his community!

Nicole Vanderpoel, COMSA Long Distance & Highlands Ranch swimmer