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Swimmers ‘mastered’ this thing we call Masters swimming in this inaugural program!

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15 adults learned the idiosyncrasies of Masters swimming this fall in a wonderful new program COMSA developed to introduce newbies to this sport we all love. How many adults do you hear saying, ‘it’s intimidating to join a masters’ or I don’t understand what the coach says so I can’t go to masters’, or ‘I don’t know how to use a pace clock’, etc. Well COMSA formed a committee with the goal of developing a program to alleviate those fears. Jack Nuanes, Heather Hagadorn, Marcia Anziano, and Karen Kaussner came up with Mastering Masters, a 6 week course covering things like, how to swim in circles, read a clock, hold intervals; the purpose of drills; terms like descend, build, down/back, etc. The inaugural class was held this fall, and I was lucky to have been allowed to coach it.

It was wonderful to see these swimmers make such progress throughout the curriculum. They were so thankful to learn how to read intervals on the pace clock, what fins or paddles are for, how to pass someone properly in a lane and much more. They did look up at me with ‘deer in headlights’ looks on their faces a time or two but we were able to overcome many fears, uncertainties, and apprehensions. They all agreed that the course was exactly what they needed to feel comfortable joining a team and I look forward to seeing them involved with COMSA in the near future. Thank you to the ‘graduates’ of Mastering Masters for allowing us to help you duck under the lane rope and join this wonderful sport we all love! This program is sure to grow and will be offered in various locations throughout the region. Thank you to KompetitiveEdge for supplying the equipment for demonstrations and SwimLabs will provide goodies for the swimmers in future courses. I, as well as other coaches will continue to coach upcoming classes and we’d all love to see your friends or family in the water with us.

Katie Luellen

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