Award History

The Lou Parker Coach of the Year award was created in 1986 to recognize outstanding coaching. These past recipients were nominated by the swimmers they
coach and selected based on their contributions to their team with respect to camaraderie, technical advice, motivation and support of team members.

The 2014 Nomination form is available here and is due by March 7, 2014.

COMSA Coach of the Year Award

2013-2014   Voni Oerman
2012-2013   N/A
2011-2012   Kevin Juliano
2010-2011   Andrew Le Vasseur
2009-2010   Jackie Clark
2008-2009   Mark Johnston, Dana Johnston
2007-2008   Gary Reese
2006-2007   Jamie Louie
2005-2006   Matt Beck
2004-2005   Mel Dyck
2003-2004   Cathy Drozda
2002-2003   Richard Hess
2001-2002   Ellen A. Campbell
2000-2001   Tom Glass
1999-2000   Greg Royther, Bill Palmer
1998-1999   Jamie Louie, Lani Meyer
1997-1998   Ken Classen
1996-1997   John Levett
1995-1996   Jane Scott
1994-1995   Russ Marsh
1993-1994   Melanie Dullea
1992-1993   Jim Richey
1991-1992   Terry Heggy
1990-1991   Al Dorsett
1989-1990   Dave Epperson
1988-1989   Ellen Atkinson
1987-1988   Jack Buchannan
1986-1987   Lou Parker