Award History

Each year since 1983 COMSA has presented an award to one male and female who has made a significant contribution to Master’s Swimming and COMSA. From 1983–2007 this award was named the Lt. Governor’s Cup. In 2008, the award was re-named as the Jack Buchannan COMSA Service Award. Listed
at left are the prior award winners.

The 2014 Nomination form is available here and is due by March 7, 2014.


COMSA Service Awards

Jack Buchannan Service Award

Year   Male Recipient   Female Recipient
2013   Jack Nuanes   Heide Crino
2012   Brian Hoyt   Peggy Buchannan
2011   Richard Hess   Heather Hagadorn
2010   n/a   Kim Crouch
2009   Jeff Magouirk   Nicole Vanderpoel
2008   Pete Schwenker   Kathy Garnier

Lt Governors Cup Service Award 1983-2007

2007   Will Amos   Marcia Anziano
2006   Mark Plummer   Heather Hagadorn
2005   Jack Truby   Susan Nolte
2004   Jack Buchannan   Cindy Hawkinson
2003   Rich Abrahams   Marcia Anziano
2002   Hank Zentgraf   Karen Zentgraf
2001   Michael Schoenecke   Cathy Drozda
2000   Steve McDanal   Melanie Dullea
1999   Dennis West   Cindy Guthrie
1998   Bob Patten   Dawn Obrecht
1997   George Kenry   Karen Loucks-Baker
1996   Chris Nolte   Susan Nolte
1995   John Tobin   Frances Holmes
1994   Tim Garton   Richalie Cranmer-Ball
1993   Bill Koerber   Ellen Atkinson
1992   Jack Buchannan   Nancy Brueggeman
1991   Dave Snow   Ana-Mary Hottinger
1990   Bill King   Pat May
1989   Dick Strickland   Margaret Stannard
1988   Arnie Dowd   Judy Reed
1987   Jack Truby   Karen Hogan
1986   Mike Chessnoe   Mary Pudim
1985   Don May   Ellen Beavers
1984   Ed Talmage   Louise Mann
1983   Skip Mann   Peggy Buchannan