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United States Masters Swimming (USMS) is a national organization that provides organized swim practices, competitions, and clinics for adults 18 and over. USMS is open to all swimmers (fitness, triathlete, competitive and non-competitive) who want to improve their fitness and swimming technique.

COMSA the Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) is charged with regulating all masters swimming activities in the states of Colorado and Wyoming.



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Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Budapest 2017 - FINA World Masters Championships
Are you looking to attend the 2017 FINA World Masters Championships? Here are all the possible ways you can keep up to date the event.

Saturday, May 20, 2017
Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimming Update
Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers is hosting swimming this summer at the Gravel Pond. Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers is a new workout group under CMS and COMSA, and anyone who is a member of COMSA or USMS is welcome to swim with us at the Gravel Pond at Chatfield State Park.

Additional Details

Saturday, May 20, 2017
2017 Check-Off Challenge
The Check-Off Challenge: 2017 American Records Tour is a postal event designed to motivate swimmers to complete 18 pool events during the 2017 calendar year. It challenges all levels of swimmers: novice swimmers can swim new events, and experienced swimmers can try for their personal best times in as many events as practical.

Where and when do I accomplish the Check-Off Challenge? The events may be swum in practices or in meets, in yards or in meters, from the blocks or a push, any time during 2017. The CHALLENGE is to complete all events.

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What's Happening at U.S.M.S.
As members of COMSA, you are also members of U. S. Masters Swimming. Check that website for information on Fitness Events, Coaching tips, Competitions nation wide, and many other areas of interest to swimmers everywhere .... U. S. Masters Swimming


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