All members must sign up with a nationally recognized swim club such as Air Force Masters or Colorado Masters. If a swimmer does not join a club, they swim as unattached. Swimming unattached means you will not be eligible to earn points or participate in relays at any USMS sanctioned event. 

Within each national swim club are local workout groups. There are local workout groups throughout Colorado. Scroll down to find a workout group near you!


Colorado Masters Swimming Association Clubs

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Coach(es) Contact(s)
Air Force Aquatics Masters Karen Reeder
(719) 592-1923
Air Force Wounded Warriors John Dussliere
(415) 944-7946
Boulder Nadadores Yoelvis Pedraza
(305) 988-9524
Brighton Masters Lauren Hyde
(303) 717-0216
Sara Heisdorffer
(303) 655-2212
Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers Susan Nolte
(303) 596-3359
Cheyenne Mountain Masters
Colorado Masters Swim Club Andrew Levasseur
JD Aquatic Masters John Dussliere
(415) 944-7946
Lakewood DAWGS
Masters Swim Team
Jim Murphy
(720) 345-3786
Jim Murphy
(720) 345-3786

Colorado Masters Swimming Association Workout Groups

Denver Metro Region

Workout Group
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Location Coach(es) Contact(s)
Apex Meyers Masters (JAM) Arvada Dana Bammerlin
(303) 467-7142
Jeffco Aquatic Masters Arvada Dag Seymour Steve McDanal
(303) 420-0806
Aurora Masters Aurora Jorge Pazmino
(303) 400-6970
24 Hour Fitness Masters Aurora Bryan McCormick
Brighton Masters Brighton Lauren Hyde
(303) 717-0216
Sara Heisdorffer
(303) 655-2212
Boulder Aquatic Masters (BAM) Boulder Jane Scott Hermine Higgins
Boulder Colorado
Athletic Club Masters
Boulder Erin Hansel
(303) 501-1700
ext. 264
Lifetime Swim Flatirons Boulder (720) 531-8023
Rally Sport Masters Boulder
BeeGees Broomfield Brad White
(720) 587-9856
Jake Frisch
Brad White
(720) 587-9856
Castle Rock Masters Castle Rock Laurie Hayes
(303) 596-3187
Life Time Swim Centennial Sullivan Ziegler
(720) 489-1400
Life Time Cherry Creek Denver Jackie Clark
(720) 572-8622 
Colorado Athletic Club Tabor Center Denver Kelly Smith
(720) 214-2400
ext. 853
Colorado Wild Women Denver Laurie Callahan 
Celeste Callahan
(303) 618-2113 
Denver Athletic Club Denver Daniel Gall Daniel Gall
Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club Denver Crystal Garland 
(303) 770-2582
ext. 325
SQUID Swim Team
(Beginning water polo also offered)
Denver Jamie Henderson 
(303) 830-0038
Keith Pryor 
(303) 881-9873
Swim Dogs Denver Andrew Harbuck
(484) 843-4314
Team in Training Denver Mary Carey 
(720) 233-0229
Charley Perez 
(720) 492-8612
Justin Ensign 
(720) 939-1165
University of Denver Masters
Swimming (DU)
Denver Rachel Cook 
(303) 871-7006
Colorado Athletic Club Inverness Englewood Ellen Campbell 
(303) 791-7889 (H) 
(303) 790-7777 (W)
Ellen Campbell 
(303) 791-7889 (H) 
(303) 790-7777 (W)
Evergreen Masters Evergreen Lisa Morrow  Lisa Morrow 
SWM Masters Highlands Ranch Matt Beck
(720) 244-7653
Matt Beck
(720) 244-7653
TriBella/Mile High Multisport
Women's Club
Highlands Ranch Kathy Alfino
(303) 903-3412
Kathy Alfino
(303) 903-3412
Lafayette Masters Swimming Lafayette Chris Coveney
(303) 819-1849
Chris Coveney
(303) 819-1849
DAWGS Masters Swim Team Lakewood Tom Rosinski
(720) 963-5363
Foothills Masters Swim Team Littleton Stephanie Bunevich Stephanie Bunevich 
South Suburban Finaddicts Littleton Melanie Dullea
(303) 798-2476
Melanie Dullea
(303) 798-2476
Life Time Swim Parker-Aurora Parker Sarah Meany
Parker Recreation Masters Swim Team Parker Janell Walter
(303) 720-6370
Janell Walter
(303) 720-6370
Nomad Aquatic Masters Sedalia Cindy Hughes
(303) 907-5038
Elevation Athletics Superior Stacey Tobey
(720) 351-2658
Stacey Tobey
(720) 351-2658
Superior Swimmers Superior Michelle Perkins
(303) 847-9418
Thornton Masters Swim Team Thornton Corinna Maleike Corinna Maleike
Life Time Swim Westminster Westminster Lindsay Moyer
Rocky Mountain Thunder
Masters Swimming
Wheatridge Brent Bergstedt
(720) 280-8946
Brent Bergstedt
(720) 280-8946

Rocky Mountain Region
Workout Group
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Location Coach(es) Contact(s)
Aspen Masters Aspen Marc Tiechman
(970) 544-4105
Erin Hutchings
(970) 544-4105
Athletic Club Westin Avon Lacy Missy
(970) 290-2062
Breckenridge Masters
Breckenridge Jaime Brede
Jacque Maldonado
Aquatics Coordinator
(970) 547-4338
High Altitude Masters
Crested Butte Toni Westerholm
Snow Mountain Ranch
Granby Gretta Fosha
(970) 509-9434
Gretta Fosha
(970) 509-9434
Steamboat Springs Masters
Steamboat Springs Noelle Wilhite
(317) 987-8998
Noelle Wilhite
(317) 987-8998
Off Piste Aquatics Vail Katie Glenn
(214) 498-6414

Northern Colorado Region
Workout Group
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Location Coach(es) Contact(s)
Fort Collins Area Swim Team
(FAST) Masters
Fort Collins Eric Neilsen
(970) 222-2052 
Eric Neilsen
(970) 222-2052
BeeGees (at Greeley) Greeley Richard Hess
(970) 356-4269
Richard Hess
(970) 356-4269
Longmont Masters Longmont Scott O'Brien
(303) 651-8406
Michael O'Toole 
(303) 774-4771
Loveland Masters Swimming Loveland Doug Garcia
(970) 556-5186
Windsor Masters Swimming (WIND) Windsor Ragina Riggle

Southern Colorado Region
Workout Group
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Location Coach(es) Contact(s)
Ski Hi Aquatics Alamosa Melinda Hunzeker
Cheyenne Mountain Masters Colorado Springs
COSA Swimming Masters Colorado Springs Jamie Louie 
(719) 602-1980
Jamie Louie 
(719) 602-1980
Full Armour Swim Team Colorado Springs Jason Lupo
(719) 502-0610
Life Time Swim
Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Brittany Williams
Pikes Peak Athletics Colorado Springs Anna Heidinger
(719) 963-0634
Anna Heidinger
(719) 963-0634
Podium Swimming Club Colorado Springs Dave Burgess
(719) 445-6539
Dave Burgess
(719) 445-6539
Rocky Mountain Rapids Colorado Springs Erik Richardson
(765) 461-5562
Peterson Air Force Base Colorado Springs Deanna Maurer
(719) 556-4608
Woodland Aquatic Center Colorado Springs Karen Valdez
(719) 687-5233
Pueblo Masters Swim Club Pueblo Cecil Townsend
(719) 251-9397

Western Region
Workout Group
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Location Coach(es) Contact(s)
Durango Masters Durango Tom Joyner Kimberly Ebner
(970) 375-7310
Team Sopris Glenwood Springs Becky Joslin
(970) 930-5314
Becky Joslin
(970) 930-5314
Grand Junction Masters
Grand Junction
Montrose Marlins Masters Montrose Silas Almgren
(970) 240-3097
Kathy Devor
(970) 249-2541