U.S. Masters Stroke Development Clinics

USMS stroke development clinics are a great way to improve your stroke! Clinics are for swimmers of all abilities. The goal of the clinics is to help swimmers improve stroke technique and to learn drills that enable continued stroke refinement. For more information about the clinics and registration please visit the USMS Stroke Development Clinics website.

Mastering Masters: Build Skills to Join a Masters Group

Mastering Masters is an introductory course developed by Colorado Masters Swimming Association (COMSA) to provide confidence, understanding and skills for swimmers to become Masters swimmers.

If you have friends who would like to swim Masters but are intimidated or uncertain about joining a Masters' workout group the COMSA program, Mastering Masters, may be the perfect option to help them build the skills and confidence they need to become a U.S. Masters swimmer.

If you would like to host a Mastering Masters class - Please let the COMSA board know. We can help! Contact Chris Nolte at 

Next Mastering Masters Courses

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COMSA Coordinator: Carol Craft

This six-week long course will follow a pre-planned course curriculum. Each week the course will include the following elements:

1. Theme of the Week - Each week the Mastering Masters course will have a theme that concentrates on select Masters Swimming skills.

2. Discussion - Each class will begin with a discussion time for swimmers to ask for more detail on skills from the current class or past classes.

3. Terminology - Masters swimming includes terminology that can be confusing. This course will provide explanations on many terms including: Broken Swims, Ascending, Descending, Building, Warm Up, Pre Sets, Main Set, Kick Sets/Pull Sets, Warm Down, Interval Training, Holding Repeats, Sprints and much more......

4. Equipment - Most Masters workouts require swimmers to utilize equipment to increase skills and endurance. This course will concentrate on the proper usage of several equipment items such as: Types of Caps, Goggles, Pace Clock, Kick Boards/Fins, Pull Buoy, Hand Paddles, Snorkel, Gloves, Fulcrums and much more.....

5. Drills - Drills are by far one of the most essential elements to a Masters workout. Coaches require that Masters swimmers know how to properly execute drills during workouts. This course will provide explanations on why drills are important and how to execute many common drills. Some items and drills covered will include: Breathing, Body Position, Rotation, Extension/Recovery, Turns, Stream lines, Catch-Up, Sculling, Finger Tip Drag, Head Position and much more......

6. Workout - Each week the Mastering Masters coach will design a workout that correlates with the Theme of the Week. The workout will be practiced in the pool and will be designed to increase skills and help swimmers to become proficient Masters swimmers.

7. Homework - Each student will be given ‘homework’ to practice the skills introduced for the current week. Weekly email reminders from the Mastering Masters coach will be sent to swimmers after each class to help explain the required pool workout.

8. Handouts/References - To build skills handouts/references will be provided. Swimmers will also be given nutritional items that aid in recovery and cool USMS stuff to take home!

9. Course Book - Each swimmer will receive a Mastering Masters course book. The course book is divided up into six week sections and will contain material for each lesson. Swimmers will use this course book each week for the classroom portion of the course.

10. Upcoming Classes - Future classes will be offered at the completion of each session.