Colorado Masters Swimming Association (COMSA) includes all USMS-registered clubs, workout groups, coaches and swimmers in Colorado and Wyoming.

As of September 2023, there were 1,273 individual members and 17 clubs (including a large regional club with 800+ members and 21 workout groups) registered with COMSA.

Individual Registration 

Individuals register directly with USMS here.  
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List of 2024 COMSA Clubs & Workout Groups  

Club affiliations are encouraged but not required. Unattached (UC32) members have no team affiliation and cannot score team points or swim in official relays at USMS sanctioned or recognized meets.

Members who affiliate with Colorado Masters Swim Club (CMS) may also affiliate with a USMS-registered CMS workout group. CMS is a regional club: its members compete as their registered workout-group team (local team) when entering COMSA-sanctioned events and as their CMS club team when competing in national championships or other events sanctioned outside of COMSA.

USMS does not recognize workout-group affiliations outside of the swimmer’s home LMSC. Swim times are always recorded in World Aquatics and USMS results databases under the swimmer’s club affiliation, not their workout-group affiliation.


Club & Workout Group Registration 

To register or renew a club or workout group with USMS for 2024, click on the online registration link below for instantaneous registration using a credit or debit card. 

The club / workout group registration fee for 2024 is $70. Registration opens November 1, 2023.

Individual members who join or renew with USMS for 2024 can only affiliate with and compete for a club/WG that has registered with USMS for 2024. Therefore, to avoid confusion, current USMS-registered clubs and workout groups should renew for 2024 during October 2023 before individual “early bird” USMS registration opens on November 1, 2023.

Register a Club or Workout Group  


Please email the COMSA Club Development Coordinator if you have questions about registering your club or workout group.