U.S. Masters Swimming Fitness Programs

2024 USMS Fitness Series Challenges

The USMS Fitness Series is being revamped in a big way. Fun virtual challenges will be available each month, exclusively for USMS members. You can complete with your local USMS club or swim on your own.

There is no cost to participate, except for the Swim.com USMS Summer Fitness Challenge in August, which continues to benefit USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim grants supported by the USA Swimming Foundation.


  • January—500 Pull - Pull yourself into the new year—and our new Fitness Series format—with a 500-yard pull. Log your time on Swim.com and see where you rank with other Fitness Series participants across the country.
  • February—Benchmark 1 - Set your personal bar this month with a 200 freestyle for time. This is the first of three benchmark swims this year. The tricky 200—not a sprint and not a haul—is a great way to chart your progress throughout the year.
  • March—50 Fly - Usher in spring with a fast 50 butterfly. This month is a great opportunity to work on the most challenging stroke so you can fly through a fast and fun swim with ease.
  • April—Power 1K - Now’s the time to put your first few months of training to the test, with a 1000-yard swim for time. Grab a lane and a counter and power through this challenge knowing that your hard work will pay off.
  • May—Benchmark 2 - After April’s 1K, the second benchmark 200-freestyle for time will be a breeze—and show you how far you’ve come since February—you’ve got this!
  • June—Time Trials - Get excited for the US Olympic Team Trials with four separate challenges this month. Each challenge is a 50-yard swim of one stroke. Polish up your butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle for a medley of fun.
  • July—4K Accumulation - Celebrate birthday USA by swimming 4000 yards this month. You can accumulate yardage all month long or swim it all at once. Fireworks are optional.
  • August—Summer Fitness Challenge 30-Minute Swim - The Summer Fitness Challenge, a 30-minute swim in which you swim as far as you can, benefits USMS adult learn-to-swim grants supported by the USA Swimming Foundation. This is the only challenge with an entry fee—you’ll receive a branded swim cap and help adults learn to swim.
  • September—Benchmark 3 - You’ve worked hard this year and this third and final 200 freestyle benchmark swim will prove it. You know what to do to shave time off your first two benchmark 200s, so get in and go for it.
  • October—10-Hour Challenge - Consistency is key in keeping the cobwebs away. Log at least 10 training hours total between October 1 to October 31. That’s 2 ½ hours a week—a piece of cake by now—but you can slice it up however you like.
  • November—Turkey Trot 2K - A new twist on a Thanksgiving classic: Log a 2000-yard swim during the month of November. Whether you choose to do this before or after your turkey day feast is up to you!
  • December—The Last Mile - Finish the year strong by swimming 1 mile for time in this year’s final Fitness Series challenge. You’ve been pushing yourself all year, and you’ll unwrap the best gift of all when you feel how far you’ve come in your fitness journey.

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3,000/6,000 Virtual Championship

Go looong this fall with the 2023 USMS 3000/6000-yard Virtual Championship to be held Sept. 15 – Nov. 15!

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Go the Distance

GTD is a yearly self-directed event intended to encourage members to regularly swim and track their progress. Distance is the important metric for this virtual event, not speed or time. Certain distance milestones also have prizes attached to them.

GTD is on the honor system—you track the distance you swim. Daily, weekly, or monthly, enter that information into your linked Swim.com app or USMS Fitness Log (FLOG). When you achieve certain milestones, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase GTD awards.

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Virtual Geographic Swim Series

Log pool laps that you actually swim to virtually swim open water courses throughout the U.S. There is a Computerized Virtual Swim Log where you can record the dates and distances that you swim. At the end of the year you submit your swim log, registration form, and registration fee. Your miles are then listed on the site and you receive a certificate. For more information and to register go to the Virtual Geographic Swim Series website.