Open Water 2020

Swimming at the Chatfield Gravel Pond is on this summer! Swimming will be offered by Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers, a registered USMS/COMSA club, from Saturday May 23rd to Saturday September 28th. Swimming will be on Monday and Wednesday mornings (through August 26th), Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  

Social distancing is required at the pond. Please stay 6 feet away from others, wear masks to and from the starting area and don’t crowd when entering or exiting the pond or the park. To help with crowding, all are asked to sign up for a slot to swim and to put their name on the swimmer list.  If there is too much crowding, the ranger may suspend swimming at the pond. 

For insurance purposes, those monitoring and/or swimming must be registered with USMS/COMSA before swimming/volunteering at the gravel pond with our group. USMS registration is discounted on/or after June 1st, if you are not currently registered. Rules and instructions will be posted on our facebook page and will be sent to monitors before their session. Search for Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers to find us on Facebook, to sign up to swim and monitor. We look forward to seeing everyone at the pond this summer.

Register with COMSA/USMS:

Link to page: