Open Water 2021

Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimming for COMSA/USMS Members


You do need to register (sign-up), pay a $5.00 fee when signing up to swim, and you do need to sign up to help with check-in or monitoring for two swim sessions. You do need to be a member of COMSA/USMS in order to swim under our permit at the gravel pond. 

You do not need to sign up to swim at a certain time on a specific day at this time.  It is possible this will need to be added if the COVID level changes and gatherings are limited. You will not be "turned on" in the swim tracker to enable you to swim, until you sign up on both lists. There is no day of swim sign up in the parking lot!



Here are the links to sign up to swim this summer. There are 2 sign up forms. You need to sign up on both forms. Please read all of the information before signing up!

Link to Swimmer Sign Up List:

Link to Volunteer Sign Up List:

** Again, you must sign up to monitor/volunteer in order to swim. We have added a toggle to the tracker to turn off swimmers who do not pay the required fee and sign up to help with monitoring/check-in and out. You need to sign up for both in order to be enabled to check-in to swim. There are plenty of sign up times from which to choose from.  

*** NOTE: You must register on this list one week before you intend to swim for the first time at the pond.  We will be updating the list once per week. We will not be bringing our computer to the pond to update the list! This means you can’t pay in the parking lot and then go swimming.  

When can we swim?

Swimming will be offered by Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers, a registered USMS/COMSA club, from Saturday May 22nd to Saturday September 18th. Our permit allows for swimming on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's. Saturday swim times are from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. We have an extra half hour to swim in the morning. YAY!

USMS Membership and Fees

You need to join or be a current member of USMS/COMSA to swim under our permit. Membership is $60 per calendar year, so memberships purchased in 2021, expire December 31st. Please go to or and follow the links to join. This year there is also a fee of $5.00 fee to cover the costs of swimming at the gravel pond.  This program is run by Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers, a swim club that is part of USMS/COMSA and run by Susan & Chris Nolte. Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers is not reimbursed by COMSA for the costs of hosting and organizing swimming at the gravel pond.

Why do we have to help and additional details regarding "volunteering"

All permitted swim groups are required to have a monitor on the beach.  Similar to other permitted groups, we are requiring that all swimmers sign up to monitor for 2 sessions this summer. Monitor sessions/slots are 1 and a half hours in the morning and one hour and fifteen minutes in the afternoon/evening. This equals one half of a swim session. You can swim the other half. If we do not have volunteers to help with monitoring and check-in and out each session, we can't swim. This is a park and insurance requirement.  


There are no refunds of membership fees paid to USMS/COMSA, or for the $5.00 fee to sign up to swim. So, if the park closes/restricts the number of swimmers at the pond due to COVID and/or a lack of social distancing - you will not get a refund of membership dues or swim fees. If the weather does not permit safe swimming, for example, lightning, hail, snow, freezing temperatures, and the session is canceled, there are no refunds of membership dues or swim fees. If the sessions are canceled due to lack of volunteers, then there are no refunds! Sorry!